Carlos H. Rello


Carlos H. Rello



A creative who is very lost in art but happens to still make a bit of sense in the real world. I enjoy being around people and having an open, curious mind is a natural state of mind. I'd like to consider myself an indoor type but really enjoy the endless possibilities and beauty of the outdoors.

I'm a native Floridian, born and raised in the city of Clearwater. My normal life goes from enjoying a night-in to shooting 3 photographic events in a row and pretty much no in between. When I say photo is my life, I truly mean it as I am a proud Full Time Photographer. I'm a Jesus follower and know that my talents are gifts from above - so I feel the need to share my gifts with others as we should also share love.

When people see my work, I want them to feel the moment, the expression, love and over-all passion with their own talents, family, partners or themselves. I have always said I LIVE to create because I feel it is truly one of my greatest abilities and something that lets me step into the sense of liberty and happiness. It is my passion, not much a get away but, a way of living at this point.


It has always been a desire of mine to provide people with outstanding, dramatic and emotionally captivating works along with great care and service. Like most of us, I love when others are kind and attentive - it's a pretty remarkable feeling! The feeling of being taken care of, being in the right hands and providing work that truly has a great value to every client is my ultimate motivation that pushes me every day in this artistically expressive field :)


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