Carlos H. Rello



A few months ago, I thought I had lost my own photography style but with time, I have re-discovered myself and very happy I did! I feel better than ever and confident about my own work.

Black and white photos have always been a favorite of mine. I cherish them greatly because I tend to process black and white photos whenever there is a special moment, feeling or natural action that I believe, has the power to tell a story; one that could easily be lost with color. With the absence of color, one only sees values, textures and is able to put their own color into the moment held in each image. In celebration of re-gaining my own style, I've decided to add a new style.

Lifestyle Black & White Originals
In this category, subjects are not directed and posing is nonexistent. Lighting will be used to enhance but never to change the mood present. My goal is to tell you a story, hear the sound, live the moment. Enjoy! 

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