Carlos H. Rello



Had the great opportunity to assist and capture some images of this talented, and sweet-spirited photographer while she was working on a campaign for The Salon & Spa at Mystic Hair at The University of Tampa.

I met Dafne a little over a year and a half ago at a training session for the wedding company that we both currently work at. I remember her being so friendly, welcoming and talkative, It made me feel so comfortable while being there.

This very same feeling is what I believe everyone she works with experiences. Her approachable attitude allows her subject to open up in a way that is so natural and unforced. She then is able to capture this and engrave it within her work. It's was pretty incredible to see this happen right before my eyes.

During the day, she managed to stay focused on her objective and her creativity only got better as the day progressed. Not only was she making sure the people in her frame were happy and taken care of, but also everyone right outside the frame working hard behind the scenes.

It was truly amazing to see how her positive spirit would shine and work its way into everyone else, this made the shoot quite the neat experience.

I admire and look up to talented artists like Dafne, it really inspires me to learn new ways to reach people and find ways to connect with them so I too can be able to add something special to the work I do.

What a pleasure it was to be present to witness this and also give a helping hand when needed. Thank you Dafne for the fantastic opportunity!

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