Carlos H. Rello


Lights - Feat. David B.

David and I got inspired to try some photos with a set of LED christmas lights. We had been planning this now for quite a while but with my odd, night-owl-type schedule, we would always end up postponing it! Finally, the morning came where everything was perfect, and we were well rested enough to get our creative momentum going. It was freezing outside but this guy was a champ and still decided to follow thru.

With this also came the creation of a new action that I've added to the style collections that I have created. Very grainy with faded blacks while still retaining a nice punch which I personally started to embrace and really enjoy looking thru. Of course, I needed a name to this Action and after a bit of thinking, "David's Secret Formula" ended up fitting. out of this, I've also made a variation similar actions to suit other images to come.

Here are some of my personal favorite images that we were able to capture on this chilly morning.