Carlos H. Rello



Had a bit of extra time on my hands while things were uploading and a little spark lit up. Taking pictures of everyone else is something that I always do but taking photos of myself - not so much. This was challenging, first, because of how self-conscious I tend to be. Not even about my being or what I physically look like but mostly about my composition and my lighting {hahaha}! I know, I can be somewhat of a perfectionist but it works to my advantage at points. I've slowly but surely learned to know when to be detail-oriented and when to let go, step back, an enjoy the moment. 

Back to the photos - I loved how they turned out but, I need to practice this more often. Side note: I was setting my camera up, making sure to focus it correctly, holding a scrim above my head with one arms/head and kneeling on top of my bed where my bedroom lighting was best. At one point I used a mic stand to hold the light to an angle and a mirror to press the shutter. Anyways, here it is, just a little bit of me being... me.