Carlos H. Rello


Jose P. Portrait Session

Jose was born and raised in the city of Tampa FL and just currently moved to the west side of Florida, Clearwater. He is very much a quiet individual when you first meet him but once he opens up, he demonstrates a knowledgable and well established mind that speaks only what is true and realistic. He is quite the independent type who enjoys exploring and learning new things - and as a side note: Loves Pizza! (Agreeable)

Jose and I had an adventure which took place in St. Pete on Sunday which so happened to be the coldest day for us Floridians. Thru sniffles and shivering, he managed to stay committed with his shoot and would reply that he was doing okay when I asked him throughout the day. We explored the DalĂ­ Museum grounds and near buy locations which is a great place to visit. The modern-looking building along side the marina were Jose's backdrops. It complimented well with the style shoot he mentioned to me and matched the clean-cut outfit he sported. We shot around the area until the sun set behind the crystal blue horizon. Afterwords, we celebrated a successful shoot with some good Pizza. What a night!

Photographer: Carlos H. Rello