Carlos H. Rello


Central Vision Promo - Josh and Chantal Lester

Songwriters Josh and Chantal Lester met up with Dafne and myself in Downtown Tampa on this particularly chilly morning for some promotional shots of the artistic duo. They have both begun a journey together within the music realm and it is quite fascinating. I ALWAYS enjoy connection with other artists and creatives so of course I instantly enjoyed their minds and company! 

Josh has a background in punk and heavy metal music while Chantal has professional choral training with entities involved with the Florida Orchestra and Master Chorale of Tampa Bay. Together, they have combined their talents and merged them into quite a unique. "Our music is difficult to place a genre on but if we had to, it would be somewhere in the realm of: Americana/Indie/ we can never decide" says Chantal in the most kindest of ways. "We write about mostly hardships of life, or struggles within faith, always with the intent of leaving the listener reflective."

Central Vision - love the ring to the name and little did I know the meaning about it or where the name originally came from until after our first phone call. Came to find out that the name came from the street names where their separate homes are located. Chantal adds, "The name Central Vision was not solely chosen because of the street names, but because it is a kind of viewpoint we hold on our lives with each other, and our music: we come from different paths but meet in the middle with the same vision." Completely loved this point of view and the fact that they are such great people only make it so much better!

Be sure to check them out here:

INSTAGRAM: @central_vision

Lead Photographer: Carlos Rello
Lighting Assistant: Dafne Spencer