Carlos H. Rello


Cambodian Beauty in St Pete {Trailer} - Feat. Chanda Am

We were driving to the makeup studio and we had a nice chat about her travels and her life changing experience while in Cambodia. She took a leap of faith and sold her car, quit her job she had at the time and bought a one-way plane ticket to her land of origin. Not knowing what would happen after, and not worrying about it either! What courage in her heart and mind!!! 

She surprised her family by showing up at their doorstep without any previous announcement and they welcomed her with such great love and care. She was able to teach english at a local school and even took on a place in a radio station where she had the opportunity to be a guest on. It was also a time for her to connect with herself in a whole new way. Finding what was truly important and dear to her so she would come back as an even better person, inside and out. 

Such a sweet heart she is - admire her so much and glad that I was able to connect with her and work on projects together recently. If you EVER have the chance of meeting this wonderful lady in person, please be prepared and open to be inspired :)

Thank you Chanda for the time and attention you have given my team and I! I wish the best for you career wise and in your daily living!!

Creative Director: Carlos Rello
Photographer: Carlos Rello
Lead Cinematographer: Dulce Hernandez
Assisting Cinematographer: Uriel Doroteo
Editor: Dulce Hernandez
Hair & Makeup: Adarely Tepetate
Model: Chanda Am