Carlos H. Rello


Excellence is our goal, Creating is our passion.


The Creatives



Carlos Rello

Owner | Photographer | Editor | Creative Director
Specialties: Event, Portraiture, Lifestyle & Commercial

A creative who is very lost in art but happens to still make a bit of sense in the real world. I enjoy being around people and having an open, curious mind is a natural state of mind. I'd like to consider myself an indoor type but really enjoy the endless possibilities and beauty of the outdoors.

I'm the type to work even in my free time - of course more on my personal artwork. If I'm feeling a little more adventurous , I like to drive around at night with a friend or two and just get lost in a good conversation. I love to teach and help build other's minds especially artistically and am always open to exchange ideas and thoughts.

When people see my work, I want them to feel the moment, the expression, love and over-all passion with their own talents, family, partners or themselves. I have always said I LIVE to create because I feel it is truly one of my greatest abilities and something that lets me step into the sense of liberty and happiness. It is my passion, not much a get away but, a way of living at this point.



Creative Associate | Lead Cinematographer | Editor | Photographer
Specialties: Event & Lifestyle

Thinking outside the box is what Dulce does best! She captures some of the best candid moments that go straight to the "feels". Determined and hard working are her qualities. She is the type to step away for a bit and truly record the sweet moments we live for.

Dulce is all about creating and enjoys the liberty to do so within cinema and photo. In her free tim she enjoys reading, it's a way for her imagination to just run freely. "I have bought multiple books this year that are still left unread in my bookshelf for those times when I just need sit down and get lost in a book." - Dulce

What does Dulce always want every client to see in her work? Passion.
"I want clients to see the passion in my work. The passion within me creating the video and the passion from the one being captured. Either as an entrepreneur, mother, or a couple, I want to elaborate the passion because without passion or love, its meaningless and lifeless." - Dulce



Creative Associate | Photographer
Specialties: Event, Family, Portraiture, Lifestyle & Children Photography.

Humble, kind-hearted and joyful is the best way to describe her. Her positive and easy going attitude encourages the best out of everyone that steps in front of her and her camera. Her vision is grand and will work hard to get over and beyond.

"My favorite thing about photography is the ability to capture life! I love being part of your happy place and being able to share unforgettable moments with the individuals I engage with." - Dafne

In her free time, Dafne likes to spend time with her lovable and adoring family. She enjoys singing and loves to worship along side her also talented husband at the church they serve at.

"My end goal is a satisfied clients by making sure they have enjoyed the experience and LOVE the final images they get. As a photographer, I want to make you as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process." - Dafne

Uriel Doroteo

Creative Associate | Cinematographer | Editor
Specialties: Lifestyle, Event & Drone Cinema

Quite, knowledgeable, smart, very thought provoked yet super talented and creative in a whole new level is the way I'd like to describe Uriel. He is inspired by great minds and is the type to view the world upside-down and inside-out to capture the best side of everything. He is our very own drone master and capturing beauty in the sky is something we find pretty amazing.

He loves to try new things all the time and is not afraid of doing so. He is into marathon running and creating music is one of his greatest talents. His work is complex and has a sort of intricate feel that leaves you wanting more - simply outstanding.

"I'm always trying to find creative outlets thru cinematography, editing or just playing my guitar. Best part is If it captures my attention - I will pursue with that same zeal. I see it as my artwork and I'm the sole artist." - Uriel