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Editing Options

(For Qualifying Photographers Only)

Carlos H. Rello provides 3rd party editing services for other photographers who sometimes don't have the time or resources to process their own images for clients and/or just for themselves.

We provide different levels of processing and in-house styled actions to best gratify you as a photographer.
{Custom Styles also available | details below}


The Image Process

1. Select The Keepers
Each RAW image is carefully inspected and selected using a Best-of-the-batch mentality. Sharpness, exposure and composition all play a huge roll in selecting the Keepers of your whole set of images. Quality over quantity is key when doing so to be able to provide the best attention to each image once is goes into processing.

2. Little Adjustments = Big Difference
From the Keepers, We apply our special settings that enhance the RAW images and then one by one: Crop, Adjust Exposures and Fix White Balance so all images are consistent in tonality and quality. Renaming and exporting in JPEG format occurs and our now digital negative is made.

4. Create Stylized JPEGS
From these JPEG Negatives, we are now able to then take the batch and run it through a very light skin softener is people are present and a selected style of choice:

  • Classic Traditional - Timeless feel to image with a light contrast to make the image pop with a bit of color.
  • Faded Grain - A layer of light film grain is added to give a gentle texture. Black are brought up just enough to create a very subtle faded look.
  • Brown Ash - A light film grain is added to give a nice texture with a tinted adjustment that slightly darkens the tones to create an moody, ashy dry feel to the image.
  • Golden Glow - Gold tinted wash that adds a warm glow between light and dark values creating a slightly monotone warmness overall.
  • David's Secret Formula - Heavy texture grain with beautifully prominent faded blacks and gray highlights.
  • Carlos H. Rello Signature - Mixture of faded black values, light grayed-out highlights, subtle grain texture, clean contrast and a selective color punch all in one. This style is one that is a personal favorite that is used time and time again in different variations in all Carlos H. Rello and Creative Associates Collections.
  • Custom Style - Whether it is soft and airy or desaturated and punchy, with a little time , custom styles can be created to truly represent your vision. Always open to create a style that is as unique as each photographer.

5. Quality Control & File Sending
Once images are finalized, they go under a final check and small adjustments are made if needed. Files are then sent to your provided email so you may then download and save.


Free Carlos H. Rello Editor Trial
{For Qualifying Photographers}

Feeling curious about how your images may look? Try a Full Raw To Final Styled JPEG for FREE on three of your images.
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Processing RATEs

RAW TO JPEG - Included: Image Selecting, Cropping, Exposure Adjustments, Color Correcting.

  • Per Image - $7.00
  • Per Coverage Hour - $50.00
  • 50-75 Images per Coverage Hour

SELECT STYLE -  Lite Skin Softening Process & Stylizing Action

Classic Traditional

  • Per Image - $5.00
  • Per Event/Session Flat Rate - $25.00

Faded Grain | Brown Ash | Golden Glow

  • Per Image - $7.00
  • Per Event/Session Flat Rate - $50.00

David's Secret Formula | Carlos H. Rello Signature

  • Per Image - 15.00
  • Per Event/Session Flat Rate - $100.00


  • Create a Custom Style - $45.00 - $75.00
  • Per Image - Contact for Details
  • Per Event/Session Flat Rate - Contact for Details


Name *
Style details and descriptions, any Links of Instagram and websites of styles that inspire you:


How do I send you my RAW Files?
We recommend , or to transfer your files.

How Long does it take for me to get my images back?
There are three levels of processing speeds. Normal - 3 Week Turnaround, Expedited - 2 Week Turn Around, and Rushed - 1 Week Turnaround. Custom turn around times can also be arranged. Please contact for more info on custom turn Arounds.

What size do my images come back to me?
All images are processed and resized (if needed) to fit within a 4000px by 4000px size. In other words, longest side will be 4000px.

What are the image requirements?
Files must be in native RAW format when transferred at the highest resolution form possible to obtain the best results. JPEGs will not be accepted unless they are cleared by quality control specifications.

Can you stylize image from a JPEG Negative that I can provide?
Yes, however, JPEGs must be cleared by quality control specifications before they are accepted to be stylize and/or retouched.

Can anyone obtain this service?
Only Qualifying Photographers are able to obtain the Editor Services in order to guarantee high quality products and avoid quality control issues. This also insures that Edits are in the trusted hands of true professional insuring uniqueness and value.

Can I do more than one style in one session?
Yes, Different styles may be done for your images however, keep in mind that pricing for each style will be added in full.

What is Back Up Storage?
We provide Back Up Storage for clients that need this extra security. This means we retain the edits and originals in our system for a period of time so that at any given moment within the protection timeframe, we are able to resend the images to you once again.

As the Editor, do you retain rights of my images?
Service provided is a 3rd party service. Before any project, a contract is made and signed that protects you and your rights as the creator. There is no need to credit an editor or share rights with an editor. Photographer rights do no get altered.

NOTE *Special circumstances require a written agreement between all parties involved.*


  • Within 3 Weeks after Raw File Transfer Date - Included
  • Within 2 Weeks after Raw File Transfer Date - $75.00
  • Within 1 Week after Raw File Transfer Date - $175.00
  • 2 Day and Overnight Available - Contact for Pricing and Details


Final Edit and RAW Backup Storage for safe keeping.

  • 60 Day Backup Storage -Included
  • 1 Year Back Up Storage - $25.00
  • 3 Year Back Up Storage - $45.00


  • Liquify & Warp (Per Image) $5.00 - $10.00
  • Skin & Blemish Softning (Per Image) $5.00 - $10.00
  •  Object Removal & Swap (Per Image) $5.00 - $30.00